Governments should lead by example

Since the vast majority of disease can be prevented with healthy lifestyle habits, helping people improve their lifestyles is the answer to our health care crisis. We currently spend nearly one fifth of our GDP on healthcare and this percentage is increasing. This is an unsustainable trajectory for the country, and has already caused national security experts to cite it as a major risk factor.

Governments should take the lead in creating an ecosystem where a healthy lifestyle is reinforced. We think insurers, employers, local and federal government, schools, universities and hospitals should collaborate and foster an environment where a healthy lifestyle is promoted.

Poor lifestyles are the root cause

We can provide government entities with educational products and population data that will help create and enhance a culture of health, while saving tax payers money in the process. It's crucial that support for wellbeing efforts begin at the top of any organization.

We believe that every person and especially every child should have the right to lead a healthy lifestyle. This can only be achieved when governments help drive innovation and lead by example.

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