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We Focus On Lifestyle

Using innovative proprietary tools RENDLE provides a suite of products that focus on the core issues driving poor lifestyles, helping organizations make more efficient and targeted wellness investments. Why lifestyle? Because nearly 80% of all healthcare costs are caused by preventable conditions that could be eliminated through better lifestyle choices. Our offerings raise awareness about the importance of adequate sleep, stress management, happiness, efficient exercise, and nutrition. We provide guidance and tools to help people make healthier lifestyle choices.

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Where We Fit In

We support your existing and future wellbeing programs.


We specialize in population health management. If you're an insurer, government entity, non-profit or for-profit organization, we will help you improve the health and happiness of your population. The data will allow you to make key decisions that will increase the efficiency of your existing program.


Let Data Drive Decisions

                     Not Intuition.


Preventing people from getting sick in the first place is the safest and least expensive way to good health. Encouraging people to change their lifestyles can be challenging, especially if done in a data vacuum like most organizations do it today. Our products provide you with relevant data, benchmarks and predictive analytics so that you can optimize your investment.


We Give Back

       We are social entrepreneurs.


Part of our mission is to ensure future generations know how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we dedicate a portion of our customer proceeds to educating children in their community about a healthy lifestyle. We believe every child has the right to grow up in an environment where they can lead a healthy lifestyle.


Improve Your Population

Proactively addressing lifestyle is the key to success. We've developed metrics and relevant solutions to help you increase the health, happiness, and productivity of your population. Find out how our tools and analytics can help you put the pieces together and improve your population.